Can Expect Response

Can I expect to get a business response?

Yes and no. You will never receive a response from businesses unless you supply personal contact information (as then the business has a means for getting in touch). Our default setting is for an anonymous message (no personal identification) to be sent. The anonymous setting guarantees Flackr will NOT share any contact information with the business, under any circumstances.

If you choose to do so, you may request a business reply by providing one of the following:

  • Your postal address
  • Phone number (voice or message app with smart phone)
  • Email.

When you use postal address or phone for reply then Flackr has no way to track if a reply is given as the business can’t be required to tell us (only you know for sure).

The ONLY requested reply method we recommend is email. This is how it works. You, for each applicable message request specify an email response. If so, we forward your message along with a Flackr message-identifier (think very-long random number for each message) to the business. When (and if) the business replies their reply message is sent to us and we then post the message in your private Flackr app home window tab. When using email reply – over 70% of business will make a reply to a negative / complaint message and over 51% will reply to ideas / love / review / comment type messages. Many businesses will include some sort of web-enabled-link (or phone number) asking you for a direct contact in which they will add you to their consumer contact database. Flackr does NOT supply contact information to businesses unless you specifically tell us to do so.

However, that said, there are monetary (cash) benefits available to you in authorizing (for each business) to share your contact information. This is because Flackr charges fees to business that receive email contact information.

Read more about cash benefits