Cash Benefits

Flackr members received cash benefits. Exacting how these will be paid in the US is now being negotiated with large financial institutions. Our requirements include that members can see which of their activities funded their account and when withdrawals occur, keeping a constant balance amount available. In the meantime, we will pay amounts accrued over $25.00 in cash, on request. We have multiple ways to do this instantly, depending upon information members share with us.

Cash benefits might accumulate a number of ways while members are utilizing the Flackr app. Here are some of the more common:

  1. Members complete a detailed profile which contains personal information and attitudes. ($10 – $25 value).
  2. Members participate is surveys. These are sent to your email addresses with notification links appearing in the Flackr app. ($3 – $12 value for survey completion, depending upon length of survey).
  3. Members share their contact information with business. The recommended way is to share emails as the means for contact. When this happens, the businesses do NOT actually receive member’s email, but rather an encoded-id (think very-long list of random letters, symbols and numbers) that identifies yourself. This encoded-id enables businesses to send email materials back to you through the Flackr app (meaning the email message appears in your Flackr app, not in your email). We charge business for this message forwarding service ($2.30 – $10.00 or more depending upon materials forwarded). The amount of rewards earned is proportional to number of message (especially those what are not anonymous) you send to businesses.
  4. We intend to encourage business to contact you (preferably though the Flackr app) such that they maintain a linkage with their best customers. Such business communication to members WILL BE regulated, and members will be paid for reviewing / reading the materials. The materials may contain offers, coupons, request for information, advertising, announcement of events, and so on. Each message sent will result in a member cash benefit.