Example Messages

Some example messages sent recently by our members:

  • Please tell Chipolte that their veggie bowl is fabulous for me right after work. Also, I like convenience of picking up a beer while at the store. I usually go to the store on California street. I sure wish they would add a drive through to speed me on my way. [Share my email contact].
  • Had horrible service at Walgreen again because could not get any cosmetics help and then when I made impulse choice the cashier was rude and I felt like she was judging my choices and my appearance by her look. I just wanted to get a better skin lotion. Only keep going back there because it is close to home which is on Akron avenue. Their packing lot always looks dirty and has trash blowing around it. [Anonymous]
  • Dr Frances was super but my highest praise is for Lauren the associate that helped me pick out new frames and gave me a great discount on lenses. I loved her suggestions and got back perfect fit for my face in just 5 days. Highly recommend. They are in the High Place mall. [Share my email contact].
  • The Village Inn strawberry pie was fantastic! Doris was a super server as usual. My gripe is that the biscuits at dinner time are always old (probably left over from breakfast) and not edible. [Share my email contact]