Flack Name

One of frequent questions members have asked is why the name FLACKR?

The noun “flack” likely was first used by a Hollywood movie studio press agent (Gene Flack) in early 20th century. It became known through common usage as one who provides publicity, flattery, promotion and to more generally publicize. Early on a “flacker” was one who made official announcements which were usually positive. In later usage some characterized the “flacker” as one who was “slick” and turned situations into their own advantage. We like the concept of our members being press agents to provide informational inputs to businesses.

The work “flack” can also be used as a verb which commonly means criticism, opposition, hostile reaction and complaint. For this usage we encourage members to use plain words to describe their opinions, feeling and ideas. “Flacking” can be both very positive (promote) or quite negative (dislike) depending upon usage. We like the concept that different views may be expressed through Flackr.

Finally, there is a third meaning that is associated with bursting shells from war weapons. It comes from the German (and now English) acronym “flak”. Originally it referred to antiaircraft guns and the explosions and damage they caused. Antiaircraft fire, especially as experienced by the crews of combat airplanes at which the fire is directed from artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes. One of our founders prefers this concept of members firing back at businesses that have abusive behavior.

We added the “r” to Flack as to indicate all members as active participants