Getting Started

How can I get started using Flackr?

Important: We keep high security on all member submitted information including never sharing any member provided personal information – except in instances where the member wants a company response. Very little information is required to get started using Flackr.

You sign up to be a Flackr member by providing an email address and creating a personal password and “hint”. That’s it! We invite you to become a member and try us!

If (and when) you decided that a message you send to a business deserves a response – – then, at that time you will need to decide how you wish to receive the business reply. It could be through a phone (or message chat which means the business needs to know a smart phone number), a postal letter (need your full address) or by email (need your name).

Flackr enables business to see their messages in an private online environment similar from which they may choose to respond. If a phone number or address is provided to the business then that information can be retained by the business. If an email response is requested by our members (which we HIGHLY recommend) the business does not see your actual email address – – but rather responds to a Flackr message identifier and we then forward the message to the member which appears in the Flackr app home window.

If you do not remember your password send us a contact message and we will reset if for you.

If you have a new email or wish to use several different emails as members, then send us a contact message and we will combine the accounts for you.

If you wish to discontinue being a member and have all of your entered messages and information completely deleted from our system, send us a contact message