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The Home tab displays previously sent messages, followed by replies from business (and also Flackr admin comments), sorted with most recent first. If no messages have yet been sent, a “Your sent messages will appear here, select the Message tab to write your message” displays in this tab. Examples

  • MSG: Costco / {date}. Would like to know what can be done about the estimator who came on {date} to measure and give me a rug price. Do not remember name and lost the paperwork. Anyway this woman damaged my antique lamp by knocking it over and then denied doing it. After I pointed it out she acted like I was a criminal and rushed out the door. My 13 year old was here and saw what happen also [REPLY REQUESTED].
  • From Flackr Help Desk / (date): We called for store manager, no call return yet.
    • From Flackr Help Desk / (date): Manager Steve Warren wants to speak with you directly. Sent email with details.
    • From Costco / {date} Thanks for telling us issue is resolved and you are satisfied.
  • MSG: Dr Waller / {date}. Thanks for the emergency tooth repair {NAME SENT, NO REPLY REQUESTED}
  • MSG: Wendy’s / (date). Food was ok, but the teen guy with red hair really needs to learn some manners. [ANONYMOUS}