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  • Remain Anonymous:  Yes (default) Or No. If No, then choices are (1) Use Email (Recommended) (2) Postal address (3) Phone (which may result in either message or phone call).
  • Did event happen Today: Yes (default) Or No. If No, then use calendar to ask for date.
  • Location business on map: Yes (default) Or No. If No, then ask to enter all of the following (required) business name, address, zip code or city/state. If map unable to bring up, then default to No. If no map choice is made, default to No.
  • When the message is intended for a headquarters business location only (not an particular retail location involved) then only the business name is required at Flackr knows nearly all larger business employers (100+ employee) contact information.
  • Enter message: [block text, up to 2K] Note text to be edited both by javascript and by database server. Must only contain text characters. Must not contain certain key words. If errors, member receives error message and must re-enter the message in it’s entirety.
  • After at least 12 characters are entered and no errors, show choice: Attach a file No (default) Or Yes. If Yes, bring up file explorer for attachment of a single file.