Our Systems

Our systems to process your information

We have an advantage of “legacy” systems that were created several years ago. The world of technologies is constantly (daily) changing which results in the new concepts / ideas developed today can take years to be employed by existing legacy systems.

Our technical building blocks have roots in the open-source community were hundreds of thousands of ideas freely flowing monthly. Many are based in scientific research, which tend to be university and government based meaning they are free for all. Contributors are all over the world.

All of the technical tools to implement the Flackr vision exist today. What needs to change for us to be successful is member usage and increased acceptance by businesses. Because of the many business in the US, we cannot, physically, in person, contact them all during our startup. We operate help centers for business and members alike while employing locally-based contractors to help spread our message to local business and provide assistance.

A couple of years ago Europe mandated regulations called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which began implementation in 2018. The EU’s regulation put in place by law a number of rules concerning the usage of individual personal data. The law caused a scramble among Internet companies, causing unexpected business retooling expenses and some smaller companies to fold, unable to keep up. The US Congress is headed the same direction as the EU. We point this out as one example we are ahead in terms of individual data security. Our systems are designed from top to bottom to hold individual security paramount – – and security concerns are the reason why planned future products are currently on hold, pending issue resolution.

Our data and software exist in what is known as the “cloud”. What is important is your data is held by the same cloud providers that supply security to governmental, financial, and military data and is the top-rated in the world. We have partnered with other technology companies to deliver Flackr’ s member benefits.