Reach Right People

How do we know our message will reach to right people?

Flackr has designed systems to forward business messages to senior, decision making managers. Getting through the “clutter” to get messages to decision makings if difficult and our ability to meet our goal will increase over time.

Members have the option (and our encouragement!!) to mention individuals and specific store locations (where appropriate) in their message. When sufficient information is provided – – we DEFINITELY will do repeated attempts to contact the business. In many locations we will send a Flackr representative to a business location to personally deliver messages for you.

In addition to localizing the message, Flackr also shares messages with higher-ups in the business. The reason this works is we provide senior decision making with a much wider and faster feedback system which can be employed to make early discovery of “things gone wrong” as well as “things going great”.

But actually, our task is usually more complicated than the individua business involved in selling / delivering the goods or services. For example: when sufficient information exists – – we contact the manufacturer and help them distribute message throughout their organization such as the person who designed it, the person who manufactures it, and the person who sells it.

Let’s take an example:

  • Member: I bought a package of Uncle Bens Whole Grain 1 lb rice which says it expires 2 years from now, but is has a lot of crawling things (like bugs) in it. I bought from Walmart, 28000 S Main. Please tell them this poses a safety issue for their customers. Thank you.

Flackr: Immediately upon message receipt (and some automated AI examination) messages are relayed to the local Walmart and most likely our support center will also call them (given the message severity). The message would also be sent to Walmart HQ and state / regional Walmart locations that we know within our system. Businesses are encouraged to provide their specific contact points. Flackr would also simultaneously be contacting Uncle Ben’s – – and in any type of public safety issue, also contact governmental officials. Unfortunately, nearly all governmental contact points are fairly good at receiving messages but extremely poor at making any type of acknowledgment or reply. In some cases, if Flackr receives public safety messages, we will share our concerns with the news media, never divulging member personal information. This could result in requests to contact people involved – but we would only initiate such contact after receiving your permission.  Wow, that was a little long. Main point is we go to many extra efforts to make your business message heard.