Security is our top priority

Dealing with information shared on the internet, security is a concern of all companies. Flackr, as a new application, has been built from the start using advanced systems and techniques to keep members data highly secure. Under no circumstances will Flackr share ANY personal data (meaning everything you enter, including your email) unless members specifically direct us to do otherwise.

There exist today security threats originating with your personal devices, device operating systems and deployed software over which Flackr has no direct control. Those threats apply to all of the device apps you may use. We do our best to mitigate them and publish news about specific threats that members can take to stop them.

 The security we can directly control is your communication and resultant databases containing personal information. We follow all government regulations and industry best practices on data storage. We expect personal data regulations to greatly increase in the near future and are utilizing today the best thinking of scientific researchers to protect your data into the future.

Security concerns are the reason why planned future products (which enable easier ways to communicate with non-profits, groups and individuals) are currently on hold pending issue resolution.

Our data and software exist in what is known as the “cloud”. What is important is your data is held by the same cloud providers that secures governmental, financial, and military data and is top-rated in the world. We have partnered with many successful technology companies to deliver Flackr’ s member benefits