What Business

What do we mean by the term business?

When we say Flackr is designed to echo consumers messages to business management, what do we mean by “business”

Business that can be reached through Flackr at this time include all for-profit organizations that can be all the way from small privately-owned single-operated shops, to partnerships, and then small / large corporations with thousands of employees. Some business engage-in commerce by manufacturing, buying and selling of goods. Other businesses are primarily offering services in exchange for money.

 Examples of business are medical service providers; financial institutions; utilities; construction; retailers such as auto and food / beverage stores; gas stations, transportation (particularly airlines and rapid transit), hotels / motels; and a wide assortment of individual services such as auto care, haircare, and cleaners. The census lists over 250 separate types of business.

 Most business employees work in retail or wholesale trade such as general merchandise; sporting goods; grocery stores; and technical / professional services. Health case and entertainment are large employers

Our concept of “business” is any organization that operates for profit.