Why We Started

Why did the founding team decide to start Flackr?

It’s a common question why we have started up. Really, the reasons are founded in college projects which we were mutually involved in and student discussions that focused on debating why someone else has not adequately pursued ideas.

We, as a team, have a common vision of believing the exchange of information can be used to improve daily life. A key (to some of us “critical”) part of the vision is public service oriented. Public service means governments of all types and sizes ranging from local library boards through state and federal agencies. Also including educational, religious, non-profits and enabling self-selected groups to maximize their effectiveness and rewards. In other words, the vast number of organizations that are not for-profit oriented and are founded to provide a better and safer life for all of us. Sadly, for now, the non-business focus part of vision needs to be temporarily delayed.

Our present goal is providing our members (we don’t really like the term “user”) with an easier way to directly communicate with business management is what we are focused on. Three reasons behind this are: (1) we believe business will subscribe as a service bringing in us revenue that permit us to pay members (cash) for taking their time to use our apps; (2) a real need exists because very few of consumers reactions are captured by traditional existing methods; and (3) a “lot” of important negative feelings and complaints are not heard by the very people in responsibility that can take corrective action.

For a broader perspective, please review our mini-document that tries to explain the “many transactions” individuals typically are involved in throughout the day and week.

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